BOOST Products T-Bolt Clamp - Stainless Steel - 51-57mm

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High quality stainless clamp with T-bolt and self-locking nut. Clamping range: 51 - 57mm

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BOOST products T-bolt hose clamp made of stainless steel. The bolt with T-bolt provides a high holding force. In addition, the bolt has a self-locking nut. This prevents the bolt from loosening. This type of clamp is well suited for charge air piping or silicone hoses. Unlike many other hose clamp manufacturers and suppliers, these hose clamps cannot rust. BOOST products T-bolt hose clamps are made of SS304 stainless steel, a very high quality stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.

Note: The bolt and nut are made of galvanized steel (this is needed for an impeccable function).

Clamp type: T-bolt clamp
Clamping range: 51 - 57mm
Material: SS304 Stainless steel

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